What is Meta-Health?

When you hear or read about the principles of META-Medicine, you will immediately see how you and others travel through the phases META-Medicine describes, always. This is because the body’s intelligence behaves the same way for all. META-Medicine is based on natural laws that provide logical explanations to the body’s biological behavior. Constantly the body is trying to help us using it’s cells adapting it’s biological applications to our current situation. The body does not distinguish between actual\practical problems and emotional problems. This is where META-Medicine is helpful – it helps to translate thoughts and feelings into cell biology. Your body changes from being difficult to being your own intelligent helper. Today, META-Medicine is defined by doctors, therapists and researchers from all over the world through IMMA – The International META-Medicine Association. How can you benefit from META-Medicine? HOW WILL YOU BENEFIT FROM VISITING A META-MEDICINE PRACTITIONER? 1. Discover where you are in the ‘disease cycle’ 2. Understanding your body’s actual , natural biological process 3. Your personal therapy plan containing ideas for: • Diet • Exercise • Processing/healing of thoughts and feelings • Physical environment • Social relationships • Spiritual practice

META-Health Says Our Body Never Lies.

What is stress according to META-Health?
What is stress? Doctors believe that stress can cause health issues and may also suggest that you deal with your stress, to relieve yourself of your health problem. The question is, which stress are we talking about, which according to them is causing your illness and your symptoms? Life is a combination of various stresses. In daily life there are various situations that have a capability of causing stress, for example, exams, bills, which clothes to wear and fight with a best friend. Which of these stresses are capable of creating your illness? So according to META-Health there are 4 criteria for the stress which causes you illness or disease. 1. Unexpected: It’s something that has never happened before and you could never think of something like that could ever happen. It isn’t possible. E.g. your husband divorcing you. 2. Dramatic: You’re not part of the drama but you’re watching it and you feel how could it even happen to me? 3. Isolating: Its isolating because you aren’t telling others about your stress, you don’t know whom to tell? How to tell? You don’t know what’s happening? 4. No plan: Here you have no plan, how to deal with the stress or situation? It’s so sudden like a shock. So for example your teenage son walks up to you and a expresses, “ Mom , I don’t want to stay with you anymore”. Will you as a mother have any plan and know what to tell your only child? You may try to stop him, but despite everything you say or do, he decides to leave as he is itching for his own space. He calls up his friend, packs his bags, reaches to the door and tells you, “Mom I am going, will only return the day I achieve something”. This episode may land as a shock on you, as you wonder why this is happening. As this decision of your son is has all the qualities of being : UNEXPECTED, DRAMATIC, ISOLATING, and you have NO PLAN as to how to deal with this now reality thus this has a potential of causing your disease. Deal with your stress before your stress deals with you.

Your beliefs, your disease

Perception and META-Health.
Symptoms, organs , meta-health and disease
What is Health?
Health according to most of us is maintained by right exercise, lifestyle, stress - free lifestyle and good eating habits. Yet despite this people fall sick. So what is disease? Lets break the word DIS-Ease , it is something I am not at ease with. The outside disturbance could have caused inner disturbance or visa versa. Its like, did egg come first or did the hen. Imagine you are having two families, one is internal family made up of 7 trillion cells and external family made up of your family members. All cells have to work in sync with each other. If they are happy they talk to each other and keep your body and mind healthyThey behave exactly in the same way your external family of your loved ones, who have to be happy to make you feel happy and accepted. If you are not happy internally it shows externally and visa versa. Question is what will you change in your internal and external environment to bring you to the place of peace. Many diseases , for example blood pressure, diabetes, eyesight problems are not even perceived as a disease anymore. You try to bring about lifestyle change for yourself so that your life and body can come back to normal. We need to really understand what exactly is health and what exactly is disease.
Why is Internal and external body environment important according to META-Health?